Culture  of  Corruption !


[ In addition to the various financial scandals attributed in this website to these gentlemen, it is important to know that they are now, and have been since shortly after the congressional elections of 2006, Chairman of the powerful Senate Banking Committee, and Chairman of the powerful House Banking Committee, respectively. ]


Our  world-wide  money  SYSTEM

is  going  down  the  TANK.

Besides  A.C.O.R.N.,  Raines / Johnson,

Gorelick,  Fannie  and  Freddie,

WHO  ELSE  do  we  have  to  THANK ?


These  are  "household  names"  in  Congress,  

and  they  Laughed  all  their  way  to  the  BANK !

If  you  haven't  yet  guessed  by  now  who  they  are,

They're  Christopher  DODD  --  and  Barney  FRANK !


Individuals  so  corrupt,

They  are  scoundrels  through-and-through.  

WHY  are  they  Not  yet  in  PRISON ?

as  would  happen

to  me  and  to  you ?


Instead,  they're  on  TV  news  most  nights

pointing  the  finger  at  Bush.

Dodd  with  his  sweetheart  mortgage  deals,

and  Frank  with  his  mouth  full  of  moosh. 



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